About the Café

Opened in 2017. Run by a French trained pastry chef, this French inspired Patisserie sees the local neighbourhood flock to it. What once started as a tiny patisserie has now evolved into ‘That Place’. The food takes techniques from Ashlea’s French Pastry Training and mixes it with some of Australia's favourite treats. The products, although refined, aim to exemplify comfort and warmth.

The Speciality is the Viennoiserie, which are presented alongside Cakes, Breakfast, Lunch and Retail Products. A menu free café, but rather a daily changing spread of food allowing the chefs to be inspired by seasonality and availability. Along with the pastries, ‘That Place’ makes all of their own Sourdough Breads, Brioche, Yoghurts, Muesli, Granola, Pickles, Jams, Sauces and more. An example of trying to create sustainable food production.

The cafe does not take bookings, the café is very casual in nature and therefore bookings are not required. Seating capacity is 10 people inside, with approximately 20 alfresco seats.

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